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PPU (Premium Power Units Ltd) are Scotland’s only Brook Crompton Approved Motors & Drive Centre.

We hold a large range of Brook Crompton motors in stock. Up to 400kw are available for same day delivery in Scotland, and super-fast delivery throughout the UK, Europe & World Wide.

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Brook Crompton Approved Motor & Drives Centre

Why choose a Brook Cromptor Motor?

Brook Crompton are one of the leading providers of energy efficient electric motors. For over a century, they have been famous for delivering quality and innovative motors. Driven by technology and innovation, Brook Crompton design & manufacture a comprehensive range of low, medium & high voltage motors for safe & hazardous duty.

They are designed to provide cost effective, energy-saving solutions across a range of industrial processes and their drives packages can provide assured efficiency and reliability in a user-friendly, variable speed drive system.

PPU hold an extensive stock that can be quickly modified to suit your specific needs, with technical support from our experienced team to help ensure you make the correct selection from a wide range of motors.

For bespoke situations, we can also offer customised manufacturing solutions to meet your specific needs.


Brook Crompton W Series Motors – Aluminium

Brook Crompton W Series - Aluminium

Construction: Aluminium
Frame sizes: 63 to 180
Output: 0.07kW to 22kW
Poles: 2,4,6,8

The Brook Crompton W Series aluminium range covers products with outputs from as little as 0.07kW to 22kW in frame sizes WU-DA63S to WU-DA180L, in either 2,4,6 or 8 pole speeds.

They are widely used in a diverse range of applications from food and drink to water and sewage. From heating and ventilation to refrigeration.

Some of the benefits of aluminium over cast iron include high resistance to corrosion and atmospheric attack (except chlorine, salt-laden or sulphuric acid) and the fact that aluminium is approximately one third the weight of cast iron.

Download Brook Crompton W Series Aluminium Catalogue

Brook Crompton W Series Motors – Cast Iron Motors

Brook Crompton W Series Cast Iron

Construction: Cast Iron
Frame sizes: 80 to 355
Output: 0.75kW to 400kW
Poles: 2,4,6,8

The W cast iron Brook Crompton motor range covers products with outputs from as little as 0.75kW to 400kW in frame sizes 80 to 355L.

They are suitable for use within a diverse range of applications from food and drink to china clay production. From roller table drives to refrigeration.

Many applications often have adverse operating conditions, including repeated starting and occasional overloading; the W cast iron range is well suited to these situations. A virtual go anywhere motor, this cast iron range has a full 3-year guarantee.

Download Brook Crompton W Series Cast Iron Catalogue

Brook Crompton Series 10 Motors – Aluminium & Cast Iron

Brook Crompton Series 10 Electric Motor

Construction: Aluminium or Cast Iron
Frame sizes: 56 to 450
Output: 0.09kW to 900kW
Poles: 2,4,6,8

A high quality industrial standard range of electric motors with a Brook Crompton specification suitable for most industrial applications.

The aluminium electric motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 18.5kW in frame sizes B-DA56 to A-DA160.

The cast iron range of Brook Crompton motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes B-DF71M to BU-DF450, in either 2,4,6 or 8 pole speed.

Download Brook Crompton Series 10 Catalogue

Brook Crompton Single Phase Motors

Brook Crompton Single Phase Motors

Construction: Aluminium
Frame sizes:
71 to 90 (Capacitor Start / Induction Run)
71 to 100L (Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run)
63 to 90L (Permanent Capacitor)
0.12kW to 1.5kW (Capacitor Start / Induction Run)
0.18kW to 3.0kW (Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run)
0.09kW to 2.2kW (Permanent Capacitor)
Poles: 2,4,6,8

Brook Crompton Single Phase Motors are used primarily in small workshops and farms with a domestic supply.

Some industrial equipment are specifically for use with a single phase electricity supply, such as fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps and high pressure washers.

Dependent on the application we are able to offer different types of single phase motors.

Brook Crompton Series 10 Single Phase (1ph) Catalogue

Brook Crompton Drip Proof IP23 Motors

Brook Crompton Drip Proof IP23 Electric Motor

Construction: Cast Iron
Frame sizes: 160 to 315
Output: 11kw to 400kw
Poles: 2,4,6

Brook Crompton Drip Proof squirrel cage induction motors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the latest international standards and are suitable for all general applications where the use of open machines (IP23) is acceptable.

Open ventilated Drip Proof IP23 IC01 cooling method with an ambient temperature range of -10°C to 40°C at altitudes up to 1000m above sea level without derating, these motors offer as cost effective solution where the frame size is often smaller than a conventional IP54/55 rated motor.

We’re one of the UK’s only stockist of the Brook Crompton IP23 electric motor. If you’d like a quick quote, give us a call or read more about the IP23 Drip Proof Motor here.

Brook Crompton IP23 Motor Catalogue

Other Brook Crompton Services

As well as supplying new Brook Crompton Motors, we can also supply reconditioned motors, parts & spares as well as providing a rewind & repair service.

Brook Crompton Hazardous Area Motors
reconditioned motors
parts & spares
Rewinds, Repairs & Overhauls

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